Hi, this is an art commission website for le.mishie . Please check out the COMMISSIONS tab for more information.


  • The commissions here are for non-commercial/personal use only.  Commissions for commercial/professional use would need further consultation.

  • You may repost it anywhere and whenever as long as you please credit me~

  • I may use commissions for portfolio, or even repost them elsewhere. But if you prefer me not to, I’m more than willing to comply.

  • I have the right to refuse any commission.

Will Draw:

  • Fanart and Original characters

  • BL/GL/NL

  • Ecchi/Some R-18

Will Not Draw:

  • Unfamiliar art styles

  • Realism

  • Some animals

  • Mecha

  • Hateful or offensive subjects

Status: Open for commissions